Ghanaian Music artistes are lazy and have failed to adapt to change – David Mawuli

David Mawuli

Celebrity Blogger, David Mawuli has described Ghanaian musicians as lazy individuals who hate to adapt to change.

His comments comes after Yemi Alade, a Nigerian act who is currently in the country touring some media houses to promote her album.
In a post on Facebook, the controversial blogger indicated that although Ghanaian music artistes and their fans have been clamoring for support from their people, they have failed to pump in the needed work in order for the people to throw their weight behind them.
He said “Yemi Alade is in Ghana promoting her upcoming album. She’s jumping from one radio/TV to another. But Ghanaians will be like; ‘Support your own’, even if they (artistes) are lazy, refuse to adopt to change and hate progress in their career”.
He further noted that “If Yemi’s album blows in Ghana, they will ignorantly and shamelessly sit on Twitter to demand 90% Ghanaian content on radio and TVs. And their fans too. Chai!!! Our musicians are behaving like BIG FISHES forgetting that they are living inside a POOL”.
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