Don’t be swayed to support selfish Shatta Wale – Facebook User warns


Shatta Wale 

The Week was dominated by headlines of Ghana’s Dancehall artiste’s supposed ‘beef’ with some Nigerian acts.

Although some Ghanaian artistes supported his move, others did not for reasons best known to them.
Shatta Wale has been fighting Nigerians and continue to fight them till today but this does not sit down well with a Facebook user, Ricky Rick who thinks Shatta Wale is not fighting for music in Ghana but fighting for his parochial interest.
Shatta Wale started with a comment on Kasapa1025FM that he’s fed-up with Ghanaian Beef and now wants to test the likes of Timaya, Patoranking, Buffalo etc. so when all this started i knew it was one of his schemes but the level he’s taking this now is EXTREMELY STUPID.
You need to be fighting Ghanaians and not successful Nigerian artists. When Nigerians started copying from Hollywood by creating Nollywood they were copying and promoting their Culture – when Ghana created Ghallywood they were promoting Nigerian culture🤦‍♂️(dressing like their people and doing the exact things in OUR movies). You had a music industry who couldn’t start an award event until a Nigerian introduced one and it is now the most revered event ceremony as far as music in Ghana is concerned.
You organize a regional road-show for a foreign telenovela (KumKum Bagya) and you think they won’t be more popular than your stars? Fight the right people Mr Shatta Wale!!
You met with the president and all you could do was to ask him to make you and Stonebwoy music ambassadors – Herhh ewurade yesu!!
You mock our Hiplife legends for being “poor” and doing nothing for the industry – what have you done for the industry yourself apart from CREATING ENEMIES (and later going back to BEG for their Friendship – we all know how much you tried to get back on the VGMA scheme, to get back with Samini, Stonebuoy, etc).
YOUR FIGHT IS NOT FOR THE INDUSTRY BUT FOR YOUR SELFISH INTEREST. You receive over GHC40K for a performance when others receive a meagre GHC3K or less. Have you fought for them? You receive more airplay (without Payola) than the upcoming artists, have you fought for them?
These Nigerians invest in DJs, Media Reps, etc here in Ghana and BEYOND so obviously they’ll get more bookings and popularity globally than you. You haven’t even bothered to go promote your brand in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, etc meanwhile Davido has been on a concert all the way in Tamale.
Sarkodie has recorded an album (HIGHEST) and made huge investments with top-class music videos, collaborations, Album promos etc not concentrating on Ghanaians “accepting” this album but only to get more international recognition. What have you done in terms of your brand visibility?
Wizkid decides to “sign” top Ghanaian artists (R2Beez, Mr.Eazi, Efya) to help project African music because they have excelled in Ghana and you #DISS-RESPECT him because you want to be popular?
Why is your irresponsible attitude going to make hardworking artists like Sarkodie suffer in the hands of the Nigerian industry all because you want to be known there?
First of all THIS IS NOT A BEEF. This is #DISS-RESPECT and i’m disappointed in our MEDIA for even supporting this.
Shame on you for shitting on his “super-stardom” because if you talk about Cars, Mansions, Properties – Wizkid has more than you do so YES!! he’s way beyond your level and you must RESPECT that. I won’t even talk about Musical Success/Achievements because it doesn’t matter to you – Yet you claim you’re a musician & you want to die with Properties than leaving a great legacy.

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