You should attend Lokhanda International Self-defense Festival on October 21 & 22

Lokhanda International Self-defense Festival slated for October 21 & 22

The Lokhanda International Self-defense Festival is a premier annual training seminar and workshop series covering reality-based self-defense skills and fitness programmes which enjoy a worldwide participating rate of leading experts to empower the safety and security of civilians especially women and children against domestic abuse and health emergencies.

The maiden edition will be hosted in Ghana by Lokhanda, Africa’s leading personal safety and revolutionary self-defense organization lead by Mr Lord Kwadjo Andoh in partnership with the France FISFO self-defense association lead by Master Kodjo Montand (Head Master of FISFO) and the Mantis Association of Ivory coast lead by the (president), Grand Master Kone Mamadou in Accra on the 21-22 of October 2017 at 9:30am at the Lizy Sport complex, East Legon under the theme “Don’t be a victim”.

 The festival is  geared towards educating and preparing civilians of all ages and abilities especially women and children by effectively building confidence and establishing day-to-day safety awareness and tactical protection skills to help recognize, prevent, avoid or survive against bullying, rape, stranger safety, abduction and other violence due to its unparalleled stirring dangers and scarcity of traditional avenues while improving agility skills, flexibility, strength and endurance; not forgetting Beijing, Niger and Burkina Faso as participating countries.

This will be accomplished through a range of activities such as aerobics, advance fitness workout, personal safety skills, reality-based Self-defense training, scenario training, demonstrations, first aid, donations, awarding of certificates to participants and an exhibition sale comprising of sports wears, everyday weapons, Gi’s, shoes and etc.

During training and drills, the experts will take participants through kindergarten simple, quick and yet effective step by step drill and train them on the most rigorous and effective real-life self-defence principles and techniques in the shortest possible time for their safety and survival. It will be a fully integrated mental, verbal, hand to hand self-protection and weapon training system coupled with basic first aid skills.

Lokhanda International Self-defense Festival slated for October 21 & 22

The festival will focus and teach tactical self-defence using palms, punches, elbows, knees and kicks to defend against various strikes, chokes, grabs and extreme threats involving weapons such as sticks, knives and others. Sessions will have pressure induced-adrenalin based-live scenarios to put you under real-life stress conditions and tested at the end of each training program during the festival.
This is to promote healthy and active civilians in communities while creating opportunities for social interaction as a key objective that encourages and celebrates safety, fitness and family togetherness in a fun and positive way.

The festival will bring together International tactical experts, men, women, children, students, groups, schools, martial arts clubs or individuals, organizations and corporate bodies to explore strategies and trends which span all aspects of safety from awareness to prevention management. The festival does not discriminate with respect to size, age, race, religion, sex or martial arts background because it welcomes and appreciates all. 

Experts will practically explain each technique and principles digestively to the understanding of each participant. Instructions will be delivered authoritatively and explained so clearly that even dummies can catch on and become real experts in a fun and positive way. We also ensure that students will align with evidence-based prevention and positive development practice.

Mr Lord, finally stated that “since failure to prepare is preparing to fail, learning and practising of awareness and crime prevention skills will provide individuals with information to reduce their risk of exposure to violence and other emergencies.”

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