Weekly Topical: The tweet that got the world talking

Shatta Wale 

The week is coming to a close and like we do, we back here again to discuss the most topical issue in the showbiz industry this week.

You will bear with me that the week has been dominated by news about Shatta Wale and his birthday celebration that has got the world talking.

Well, Shatta Wale celebrated his birthday and on the said day, several wishes came his way. Some from colleagues in the industry and some the the Shatta Movement Crew.

However, the icing on the cake for the artiste was the President’s wish which was in an unusual pidgin language.

The President used the opportunity to invite the artiste to the flagstaff house after he wished him. The tweet from the President got social media talking, some trying their best to see fault with the President using the pidgin language in order for political gains.

But experts suggested that it was the best tone to be used by the president because it is the most used language by the brand that the President was addressing.

Shatta Wale took to Twitter to throw in some jabs at people trying to find fault with everything that happens in the country.

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