Video:Twerking to “One Corner” in classroom lands Muslim students into trouble


Thirteen (13) students of the Islamic Senior High School
(ISSEC) in Kumasi, are facing the school’s Disciplinary Committee for

The students appeared in a video that went viral on
social media which showed them danced to the popular ‘One Corner’ song in one
of their classrooms.

The dance and video has been described as not been Islamic
and against the tenents of the Holy Quaran.
“One Corner” since its release has been the toast of many. The song sends people crazy when it gets played.
Meanwhile, Prophet Kumchacha has indicated that he is heading to court to place an injunction on the song so that it is not played in the public space.
According to him, the song has corrupted morals in the society and is gradually destroying both the young and old.


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