This is why MASLOC is ready to disgrace your favourite celebrity



The Micro and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) said it is
ready to make public names of some celebrities who benefitted from car loans under
the Mahama led administration ut have failed to pay up their loans.

According to MASLOC the celebrities have been driving
their Fiat and Nissan saloon cars taken from MASLOC for the past one year and
beyond but have refused to pay a dime despite persistently being implored to do
 “It appears these
Ghanaian celebrities are different what we know other celebrities to do
globally. Elsewhere abroad, no celebrity worth his salt will do such a shameful
thing like it’s happening here in Ghana. These celebrities have high social
status and so we expected them to be law abiding for others to emulate. Beyond
MASLOC trying to get these defaulters to pay up, we’ve also met with their
leadership in a bid to get these defaulters (celebrities) to do what is right
but all efforts have been in vain.

“These celebrities don’t qualify for our car loan
scheme, so if the grace period elapses after the 10-day ultimatum, MASLOC will
be led to apply both law and force to retrieve what belongs to the state.”

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