This is the shameful reason why Eastern Region MUSIGA failed to attend the region’s Music Awards

Eastern Music Awards

When people
in the Eastern region are working tirelessly to put their music on the map and
break into the industry in the country’s capital, some executives of the
Musician Association of Ghana seem not to support the  growth of music in that part of the country.

Over the
weekend, the much talked about Eastern Music Awards took place and according to
the MC on the night, executives of MUSIGA in the region failed to attend the
event because organisers refused to give them eighteen tickets for free.

In a post on
Facebook telling the world about his disappointment, the journalist said “So
the President of the Eastern Region MUSIGA and his executive did not attend the
Eastern Music Awards because they wanted to give 18 members of their union free
entry and the organisers did not agree. Meanwhile, their President and
Secretary are Board Members of the awards. These are the same people who
criticised the old executives for not working. Now the young guys are proving
more visionless than the Shegeleges. Being partners in the awards, you guys
should have even taken this music award scheme more seriously than the two other
partners. You were angry because you were not allowed to take 18 people in for
free? You are not serious!”.
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