Showbiz is not as rosy as it seems outside – David Mawuli


David Mawuli

People outside showbiz are always of the view that it’s all rosy and like the celebrities display on their social media handles, there are no challenges.

But the reality is, it is one of the most challenging industries one can venture into. It takes years of hardwork and dedication in order to rake in the needed revenue.
Managing editor of in a piece on his Facebook page addressed the challenges the industry faces and why people should invest time and resources before they think of raking  some revenue.
He posted “If you really want to do this showbiz thing as a profession and retire in it, then you should first of all be ready for HUNGER.
It’s not all sweet as it may seem – it takes many years of non-stop hunger to start benefiting from it or make little coins to take care of yourself and maybe your family.
Whether you are a musician, producer, songwriter, composer, mentor, distributor, artiste manager, promoter, hypeman, showbiz programme host/producer, dedicated pundit/critic, PR or a blogger, you must first embrace and swim in the HUNGER POOL for donkey years before you can succeed.
Even if you are an investor with millions of dollars in your account, you will taste hunger. You might have $10m to invest in an artiste, a record label, or concerts but trust me, it may take you 5-10 years to break even. Don’t even think of getting your investments back in a short term because you will be too disappointed and may end up getting a broken heart.
And if you happen to start your journey like some of us, don’t forget about doing ‘Yes Sir, Master’ for years.
And oh, bear in mind that your mum, dad and siblings will always tell you: “Kwasi, kↄpɛ adwuma bi yɛ na bↄ bra” as if the dream you are pursuing will lead you nowhere.
May God make your dreams come true. Stay blessed!” 

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