Shatta Wale encroaches Hiphop territory on Cloud 9

The usual dews had settled at dawn.
Subsequently, the sun had apparently emerged in the east to naturally welcome
us to a new day. It was a special day. The nativity of an African Dancehall
King was to be celebrated. Interestingly, the specialty of the day was not to
be limited to only the celebration of the birthday but also, music fans,
notably Hiphop fans were to be served with a treat emanating from an unusual
source. Shatta Wale, as promised dropped the Hiphop mixtape, christened Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is a collection of six
classical Hiphop tunes. Upon doing a listen, I have decided to share some basic
views on the tunes on the Extended Play (EP).
On Just Make Da Money, the controversial Dancehall heavyweight inspires
his target audience to remain focused and relentlessly strive towards
prosperity. He also takes the opportunity to disseminate his primary objective
for the profession, money consciousness.
In Ayoo, a hit single released earlier this year, he disclosed to us
that he was some different guy. He made a reiteration of this character
in Grow Bad. “Shatta Wale, I no dey want continue say this, but I be
different guy…..”
He expressed as public knowledge, the journey he has
embarked on in the development of his life over the years. He invites his
fiancée, Shatta Michy to lend a soothing hook to garnish the tune which gives
an account of his experiences in life. 
Shatta Wale also
stimulated an enviable reaction to a condition of affluence with Shit it Lit. He gave an account of how
comforting it is to garner wealth and utilize it.
The African Dancehall King decided to recount some
experiences in the relationship with his loved one.  On Feel
So Stupid
, he also makes an assurance of unalloyed loyalty to his fiancée.
Shatta Wale further employs a
usual Hiphop theme on My Frenz In as he adores materialism extensively on
this record. The spirit of ostentatiousness is manifest patently in this tune.
“…..I buy houses, yes I buy cars, I get money, fat back accounts……”
In Never Plan For This, Shatta Wale expresses surprise at the
expeditiousness with which he has accumulated achievements over the years. He
intimated that in life, every reasonable person makes a conscious effort to
garner achievements but in his case, he has been able to chalk his success at a
time earlier than expected. He claims he made no adequate plans to arrive at
the pinnacle of success at an earlier time.
General Views
The productions,
spearheaded by Shatta Wale himself were appropriately executed. The Hiphop
elements were densely present. It is imputed knowledge that, Shatta Wale’s
motive for this project was to demonstrate versatility as he departed from the
arena of Dancehall to make a statement in the Hiphop territory. A motive I am
convinced that he has sufficiently fulfilled. Shatta Michy, the only guest
performer on the mixtape was satisfactory with her delivery. Cloud 9 is a solid
addition to his discography, joining the 22 track After the Storm which was released last year in a historic fashion
at the Black Star Square.

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