Religion breeding a generation of lazy Ghanaians

Dag Heward

In Ghana,
religion has taken charge of everything especially commonsense in the approach
to life issues.

religion taking over the senses of most people, laziness has been abound in the
country and several people are sitting under trees waiting for that blessing
God has promised them rather working to get a conduit for God to bless them
Well, in
this vein, a Facebook user, Richard Kwame Krah who seems to be worried about
the worrying trend where religion has made several Ghanaians lazy shared his
stance in a post.

He posted “I
have been following Bishop Dag-Hewad Mills for years now because i love his
simplicity and equally bought into his youthful ideology on which he has built
his church; I sometimes set time aside and visit their midweek service back in
Legon. But i seem to have a problem with his recent posts on Facebook as
highlighted by Kwadwo Sheldon and i pray that account is being hacked and
manipulated. If not then I have certain issues to address; I personally think
Pronouncements like this, I mean the “receive it” kind of messages
are what made Africans lazy people; We won’t work just because we’re expecting
to catch some Utopian blessing from the air which in reality doesn’t exist.
See, if Africa had indeed been receiving whatever the religious leaders have
been throwing since time immemorial, why are we still the poorest continent?
The laws of life are clear and sound. God does not respect laziness neither is
He a rewarder of mediocrity. He rewards efforts geard toward hard work and
determination. I know many of you will come to my comment box with all sorts of
gullible religious arguments to affirm your fanatism but don’t forget to snap
and add the keys of the cars, houses and as well the papers of the lands you’ve
recieved from such prophetic pronouncements. Don’t even forget to add your
account. I have been part of “the church”; seeing people act on
religious hypocrisy is very pathetic. I know people who were supposed to be
Presidents by now according to prophecies but are the most miserable of all
now; those who were supposedly healed of mental ailments are still on the
streets battling dirt. The lifes of many are still the same as it was when they
joined the church so of what relevance is the “recieve it” kind of
message. Faith you want to mention? If faith fails those commited but lazy
Christians who are receiving nothing but acting on hypocrisy, why won’t grace
and mercy work for them? See, salvation is the overriding ideology of
Christiandom; focus on it. GOD HATES LAZINESS. If that’s how life was meant to
be, like people receiving things without working for it, I don’t think anyone
will be poor by now neither will anyone be worrying his/her self with work.
There’s never a food for a lazy man unless he begs for it or steal it. We are
just notoriously obsessed with religion that we side with ideologies even if
they’re not right. That must stop…”.
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