#PoetKelsParlour: You Left Me whiles We Watched The Sunset

It was a different sunset, I guess. It was ineffable. We were on the sand near the shore and you were holding my hand. Yes – for the first time, it was you holding it not me. We were so happy then. We laughed at our own jokes and even hugged each other frequently, or maybe you’re just pretending to be happy then. But I didn’t mind, since I could felt your love.
Are you really in love with me? I asked myself. 
I just savored our moments together – it was magical. It was more than just a dream come true. But in every dream there’s always a nightmare; and it came. 
You looked at me blankly, I didn’t see the starts in your eyes like I usually do. You brushed my hair with your hand, I touched your soft cheeks also. You leaned your head into my shoulder, I kissed your forehead. And we both tilted our heads and stared the beautiful sunset together. You really knew the things that I love. 
As I  looked at the beautiful scenery, I felt like I was in a different dimension. A place where in there’s no pain, sorrow, hatred, jealousy, betrayal, and even lust. All I felt was loved until you broke the silence. 
“I’m letting you go now.” – you said. “I’m back with my past again”- you added. I didn’t reply nor babble, not because I understands you but for the reason even myself didn’t know. You stood up and walked away. You left me shattered in pain. 
I stared at the sunset again but twilight fell, unable to see where you’re going. Suddenly my face was wet, I weep in tears. As I closed my eyes, I tried to reckon our memories together – the happy memories. And just how ironic it was, I was hurt really bad that I could fell the pain in my chest. My heart was hot but my body was cold. And the melody of your voice was the only sound I could hear. 
Now my soul is broken and the sunset is gone. The lights from the sun are off and I’m alone but who am I now? I am lost. 


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