Patapaa’s “One Corner”: A sustainable breakthrough template?


One of the common adages that have been frequently reechoed since time immemorial is that “there are so many ways of killing the cat.” Plainly, the adage enlightens that there are several avenues that could be adopted for achieving a goal or fulfilling an ambition.  Deducing from the spirit of this adage, one could posit that there are several ways of defeating the unsung status by making a breakthrough into the mainstream stretch of the Ghanaian music industry. There are a number of breakthrough templates that the artistes adopt. Over the years, we’ve usually seen artistes making an ushering into the mainstream scene via being featured by existing mainstream artistes on tunes or being signed by established record labels to assist them in the breakthrough process, amongst others. Notable references could be made to Sarkodie on You Dey Craze, Joey B on Vera, et al as examples of the ‘aforedescribed’ templates.

There is another breakthrough template which is executed in the form where the artiste is apparently seen making an emergence unto the mainstream scene without the assistance of established widely-known record labels or media support. The emergence is realized, courtesy a facilitation mainly by a commercially appetizing song originating from the streets. Such songs, usually perishable and disposable in nature rapidly spread across the length and breadth of the country like a wild inferno following their release. Examples of breakthroughs with these kinds of songs include Article Wan-Solo, Wisa-Ekiki Me, Atom-Yɜ Wↄ Krom, amongst others. The latest subscriber to this breakthrough template is a Swedru-based artiste, Patapaa Amisty with One Corner.

Emanating from the streets of Agona-Swedru, One Corner has impressively made a dominance across the country. The Patapaa key to commercial success and relevance is a vigour-stimulating jam, albeit quasi-lyrically deficient, which is typical of songs which usually facilitate the breakthrough of artistes who subscribe to such a template. The song, which features Ras Cann and Mr Loyalty is interspersed with some pseudo-French lyrics, which renders it an interesting listen. The breakthrough via this template by Patapaa, however, bears some uniqueness. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the song is accompanied by a crazy dance which has apparently seen dozens of people ‘going bonkers.’

Now, it can be confidently asserted that Patapaa Amisty has arrived. His adoption of this breakthrough template has been successful. What should be of much concern now is his ability to sustain the relevance in the music industry. The breakthrough is one success attained. And the sustainability of the relevance characterized by annual consistency is also another success to be attained. The latter is more difficult to be attained. It requires relentless hard work, smartness, engagement and networking with the competent persons in the industry, inter alia
Would Patapaa be able to sustain the relevance considering the current fate of most of the artistes who also subscribed to the breakthrough template Patapaa has adopted, and also considering the fact that One Corner patently lacks the character of timeless songs? Can he defy the threat of fading with the song and dance? As it is always said, time will give us the answer. In my capacity, I can primarily wish him the best in his endeavours.
By Seth Mireku.
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