Jesse Agyepong opens up on why he left RTP awards


Jesse Agyepong 

After news broke that the Operations Officer for RTP Awards, Jesse Agyepong had resigned, several reasons were attributed to the resignation.

Critics of the awards scheme said he resigned because the scheme lacked credibility and that in order to avoid shame, he opted out to save his image.

Well, the horse has finally spoken and has outlined the various reasons why he opted out of the Awards scheme.

In a post on Facebook explaining the reason why he opted out, he said “Answers to Questions asked on RTP awards

The personality awards is a great platform for celebrating lots of people within the industry. Whilst the scheme is in its infant stage, it has great potential for tomorrow
It’s relevance should not be lost despite the challenges it might go through on a daily basis. Challenges it works to fix…
Over the past weeks, a lot has happened at Afiba Consulting in terms of new opportunities and growth. The many travels and planned programs have affected my ability to completely immerse and add value to the Awards Scheme
Hence my reason to separate from the scheme some weeks back.
Apologies for any who feels taken aback. It was purely on a professional ground with no issues at hand
All the best to the nominees and the industry
Thanks to all and have a great day
NB: My team learnt a very important lesson yesterday. 😂. Attributions, attributions, attributions.

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