Jema’a mo yale? Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah questions critics of Sarkodie


Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah

is by far the biggest rap act Ghana has at the moment (You can debate this in
your kitchen).

the rapper is always criticized by people who may not even know anything next
to music.
have been several claims about the rapper sounding the same on all songs he
comes out with. Some have said he will not last with his style but the rapper
keeps making and breaking records.

an EoD partner, Kelly Nii Lartey Mensa has taken on such critics  in a post on Facebook. He said “When some
critics say things like…. ‘Sarkodie sounds same on all songs’… I ask, is he
supposed to sound like Kanda Bongo in 2017 and then change to Meiway next year
or what? Has Jay Z changed the way he sound on records all these years?..what
about Celine Dion and R Kelly?? Has any musician in the world sounded different
every year on different songs?? Jema’a mo yale.

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