I’ve never cheated in my 29-years old marriage – Stephanie Benson


stephanie benson

Stephanie Benson has said her husband is not worried about how she dresses
because he trusts that whatever  she
does, she will come back home to him.

According to
the singer, she has been married to her husband for 29 years and has never
cheated on him so her husband does not find any reason to complain about her
choice of dress.
According to her, the perception that Black women who marry white men cheat on them is untrue because she has never done that in her 29 years of marriage.
Speaking in
an interview with Delay, she debunked claims that she was dating Dancehall act,
Samini but mentioned that “Samini is just a good looking man with attractive
lips but he isn’t my type. My husband is my type of man”.


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