I’m not giving up on men although they’ve hurt me in the past


Vicky Zugah

Vicky Zugah has said she is not against Lesbianism but will never go in for her
fellow woman.

According to
her, God created man for woman and woman for man so she will never fall for her
sex no matter what.
The actress
who was speaking to celebrity blogger Zionfelix indicated that although her
relationships have not been fruitful, she will not give up on men and will
fight till she gets the best out of them.

She said “I
haven’t given up on men no matter what I’ve been through. God created men for
female and female for men and as long as I’m the daughter of God and believe in
the Bible, there is no way I’ll be a lesbian, but I’m not against lesbianism or
anything, but it’s my personal choice that I don’t want it. It doesn’t also
mean anybody who does it is bad or not righteous.”

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