Fuse ODG joins agitations for controversial Nivea Billboards to be pulled down


 UK Based Afrobeats Star, Fuse ODG has joined the
intensified call to producers of Nivea products by a section of the public to pull down their
billboards which have sparked controversy. Over the past few days, there has
been a steadily generating agitation on social media against the said billboards.

The billboards, which have been reported to be severally erected across the African continent, displays an advertisement of a product by Nivea, which
purportedly seeks to persuade members of the public to patronize for the
purposes of gaining a fairer skin complexion.

In a post on Instagram, Fuse ODG expressed a vehement disapproval
of the advertisement and further admonished the public not to patronize any
Nivea product. He posited that we(Africans) love our complexion and would
therefore not substitute it for anything fairer. Read his post on the subject
matter below: 


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