Don Little opens up on why he wanted to kill himself


Dimunitive actor, Don little has said he nearly gave up
life after he realized that he could not increase in height.

According to him, he is the only diminutive in his
family and as a result, his parents neglected him at some stage in his life.
The neglect according to the actor made him give up on
life and had thoughts of committing suicide.
Speaking to Angel TV he said “It got to sometime my
parents despised me and never cared about me because my colleagues kept
increasing in size but I remained where I was. I was contemplating ending my

He, however indicated that “My other sisters are grown
and bigger than me. I believe my size is the work of God which I have to be
content with. I have not made any attempt to go to the hospital to find out if
there is something wrong with me medically or not. I trust in God and commit
everything to prayer”.

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