#PoetKelsParlour: My Light

                           My Light
I’m  lost in the dark, i need my light. 
You’re the one who brings laughter and joy.
a smile made from a spark , within my sight
the only thunder i enjoy.
even a blind man can see your beauty
and a deaf one can hear your voice.
your eyes are so lovely
loving you is not an option, but a choice.
having you will be the best
but a chance of lottery.
a valuable prize inside your chest ,
the one I’m eager of having.
you’re the light that i need
the one who eradicates hitches
my torn up heart that bleeds
is willing to be mended by your stitches.
You’re my light and am your lantern. Light me up and let’s both walk down this dark road together.  
I know you are not a mirage but an everlasting oasis. 

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