#PoetKelsParlour : Dear Hurtful Person


Dear Hurtful Person,

I have veiled the clock
from the wall, tired of hearing tick-tock which
turns louder as the night roars.But it has only managed to make me more restless, as after every three minutes, I unveil it to count the hours passed.

And the hands of the clock
stare back at me in grief –
maybe, they have also started to believe that you’re gradually ignoring me. My days are dreaded. Nights have been too long. All I do is wait for things to be fine. I don’t know how long. I don’t know when you’ll realise. Realise that you’ve been losing me little by little over this gruesome span of time.

I fear if I won’t be able to return to you completely. But in truth, I want to come back. My soul would sing your name to sleep. Now, it only screams. Screams to which you are turned defiant. Why do you have to do it?

You have shattered me so much that I can’t even complete.Am Lying here watching the moon play on the field with the stars.. Such a magical scenery.. But i wish it was us.

Yours Victim,



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