20 times Sarkodie inspired us on the “Highest” album


Sarkodie’s fifth album of his very lucrative musical career, “Highest” was released on the 8th of September this year and the reception has been very encouraging.

The amazing work did magic on iTunes and the YouTube views thus far of the music videos that accompanied has been marvellous.

Everything was so intense from awareness creation, packaging, publicity and the very work on the album. We salute Sark and his team for giving us this amazing craft and once again setting a trend for others to follow.

Let’s look at the many times Sark inspired us on the “Highest” album with his interesting word plays.

1. Don’t be scared to walk through obstacles (vultures). – Sarkodie (We no dey fear.)

2. Pray for the people that want your downfall. – Sarkodie (We no dey fear)

3. Support people. Even those who don’t like you. – Sarkodie (We no dey fear.)

4. Ignore people that don’t want you to shine. – Sarkodie (We no dey fear)

5. Love yourself, believe in yourself – Sarkodie (Love yourself).

6. Don’t let someone compliment you before you acknowledge your beauty – Sarkodie (Love yourself)

7. Tell yourself that you got you. – Sark on love yourself.

8. Don’t be insecure. – Sark on love yourself.

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9. Be proud of you, self-hate is only gonna make it hard to choose. – Sark on love yourself.

10. God created you in his image so never doubt your ability. Sark on love yourself.

11. Insecurities only allow you to look down on yourself. – Sark on love yourself.

12. People you think are beautiful just believe in themselves. Sark on love yourself.

13. Wipe your tears and just smile. – Sark on love yourself.

14. Don’t follow trends just bring your own style. – Sark on Love yourself.

15. It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how confident you are. – Sark on Love yourself.

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16. Popularity doesn’t define relevance. – Sark on Overdose.

17. God brought all of us here for a purpose, you are not worthless, you just haven’t found your purpose yet. – Sark on overdose.

18. You can’t really survive with no passion, procrastination and no action. – Sark (Light it up)

19. Those who really walk with God aren’t scared of anything. – Sark on Light it up.

20. Don’t let your fears pull you down. – Sark on Glory.

Written by Nana Kwame Buabeng


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