Yvonne Nelson’s reply to Nana Akua Addo is 2017 deadliest missile

yvonne Nelson and Nana Akua

After the Golden Movie Awards, Yvonne Nelson n a thread on Twitter called on her colleague actresses to concentrate more energy into saving the sinking fortunes of the Ghana movie industry rather than slaying to kill on Red Carpets.

But Nana Akua Addo in a reply to her said she could join athletics if she thinks slaying is not working for her.

She said “She said “RED CARPET is an industry called Fashion(SLAY) YES!!Either reinvent and help the industry grow or become a Commentator 😬 Technology is making video and content the future. The industry is for the TALENT. TALENT will keep you relevant in the industry long LEGS may get weak with time. CHANGE is here if you can’t embrace it,join them “if you can’t beat them !!!!”.

She indicated that If slaying is not working for the ‘heels and sneakers producer, she should rather become an athlete with her long legs because currently, slaying is the new black rather than long legs.
“IF slaying is not Working for you , have you tried running 🏃 with those long legs? It’s called reinvent either ways Ghana is winning My break time is up back to class.”

But in an indirect reply to her, the actress Yvonne Nelson tweeted “Like I said in my tweets earlier……the shallow minds
won’t get it.”

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