#PoetKelsParlour : Slave or Free?

All day and all night
I ask many questions from what I see.
If the independence we fought to achieve really matters today!. 
I sit and wonder out loud:
Why we attend schools from nursery to the tertiary yet we graduate without a skill and even if you have a skill ,there is no job.
When our president bow to the white president abroad .all in the name of loans and grants.
This have left me in a dilemma of doubt:
Am we still slaves or free?
Tell so to lull me to bed
What is this culture I bear?
What is this way the children go?
Rights of free men sold for a foreigners wine…
I sing my national anthem in a stranger’s language.
And I ask myself again,
Are we slaves or free?
How many made in Ghana products do we have in our wardrobes?. 
I don’t blame us but blame the government who resides in western attires to the job market.
Slave or free !
When we puke at the sight of Ghanaian foods Yet we love the pizzas and French fries .
Are we slave or free ?

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