#PoetKelsParlour: Love’s Alchemy

Love to some people makes them forget the people who stand and stood with them all the time…They Choose to be with people who only need them in times of NEED and shove off those who actually MEAN what they say and do..

Well, choosing love all the time, hurts, a lot. Nobody would mention that. Cause it’s the pain that makes one stronger. And if you’ve already been told about the magnitude of pain that you might suffer, you will leave it before even trying. It wouldn’t ever be easy, but believe me, love is ALWAYS worth the effort!

Giving up on love does not mean you did not choose love… you did, actually, by loving yourself. When it already hurts too much and the pain it caused is already changing you as a person, it won’t make you a lesser human being if letting go became your option. So before giving it all for the most beautiful love you will ever have,  ask your self, “My heart, are we strong enough for disappointments? Jealousy? Hatred? And most of all, to forgive, over and over?”

Like everything in life love has it’s trials and tribulations, people in search of love convince themselves that they are in love but truly aren’t, when you find the special, beautiful, wonderful person in your life you will know it in heart, mind, body and soul. Don’t rush love cause you will get hurt! Be patient, yes the waiting sucks, but it is definitely worth the wait !

” A love that never gives up, is always the best kind of love, and a lover that chooses love, is always the best kind of lover.”

A relationship will melt you down with love and remould you into a new identity. When the relationship breaks down, so does a large part of who you have become. What’s left is the searing, agonising pain of being stripped bare; down to your true identity. A relationship is alchemy at its best – and worst.


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