Find someone who willingly wants to wake up next to you and like what they see.
Whatever gorgeous mess that you are and boost your confidence levels so that you can do it for them too.

Find someone who would do the same for you. Be equal and be fair. Don’t just look for someone who would do this to you, who would treat you right, who would love you unconditionally but look for someone you know you can give the same love, equally.  People now love because they want to be loved. Love people because they deserved to be loved not because you are expecting that they would love you the same. Treat them as you are treating yourself. Love should be fair, love should be equal. If you are going to look for a guy who would treat you right, then you should also treat him right.

Find someone who doesn’t make you feel like dating them is a race you need to win, that you have to compete for their attention, that you have to work on your resume so they can accept you, that you have to learn more skills so they can approve of you and someone who thinks you’re overqualified to even participate in these ridiculous games. Someone who doesn’t even want to play because the game ended the moment they met you.

find someone who is humble, kind, and empathetic. Not only with you, but with a beggar on the street, or a stranger in the supermarket.

#Kels 🤴🏾

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