#PoetKelsParlour : A Deserts Oasis

Show me your broken pieces, deadly wounds, ugly scars, catastrophic mistakes, dramatic failures, embarrassing weaknesses, shameful insecurities, ill temper, sick motives, sinking emotions, shaking doubts, unrealistic thoughts, irrational goals, hopeless prayers, bitter disappointments, unbearable burdens, suffocating lack of control, concealed depressions. Whatever seems to be unlikable. You do not know my taste. 
Open the gates to meet your brutal devils before I fly with your merciful angels. Take me on a ride to your darkest sides before visiting your impressive corners.
I wanna know more about you. You’re like a mystery I really like to solve, a puzzle I want to complete, a deep ocean I wanna dive in even it causes me doubts and scary feeling.
Let me dive in your scariest nightmares before I swim in your pinky daydreams. I need to know. To know from where I should start to love you.
Please talk to me. Tell me about your day, your dreams, what you’re thinking, your aspirations, your wishes. It doesn’t matter how dark it is or how boring you think it is, I want to know you, the real you and love you for you.
*Take me through the desert before we settle at the oasis not the vice versa*

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