#PoetKelsParlour : All Men Are Dogs

I’ve seen that look in your eyes, that look of despise.
I’ve seen that vision going numb, your insights crumble inside
Your look of disbelief, when you see us walk through the door.
And that sigh of relief when we are not there anymore.
Are you the victims? Or is it in your mind?.
“That every man has to rape”.
That is what makes him manly from inside.
That every guy you see is a jerk.
That every male you meet is a wound that tends to hurt.
That every vision we lay on you, we are stripping away your pride.
 But what about our integrity? Are we not victimized?
I am not saying that all of you are the same.
Exactly same is the case with us.
Not all of us are to blame.
I may be wrong, because what you might have seen is what I will never know.
But I may be right, because what I believe is what I have to show.
I know what this kind of place is; I have been broken by both tribes.
But what really breaks the society are all these stereotypes.
I am sorry, If i did hurt your sentiment.
But we have been holding it for far too long..
Long enough that our souls are far from being elegant.
There are these wounds that can never be closed, no matter how many the stitches..
“All lizards lay prostrate but that’s not a conviction that they’re all suffering from stomach ache” 
Well if all men are dogs, then all women are close to being bitches.

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