Lydia Forson lambastes entrepreneurs for asking for help

Lydia Forson

Ghanaian award-winning actress, Lydia Forson has vented her spleen on some entrepreneurs who ask for help.

According to the “Keteke” actress, she has been receiving messages from entrepreneurs asking for free product reviews and advertisement.

To Lydia, it’s a smart strategy they are using to grow their business and won’t pay her for it so she won’t subscribe to it.

Lydia Forson wrote (unedited):

“Hey Lydia Forson.

So I have this product, I’ll send you a sample to use so you can take a picture, share on your page and promote it for me. “

Now I get these kinds of messages several times in a week from all over, even some friends.
And I wonder if people stop to think about what’s in it for me? The food, hair, nail polish, etc ? Stuff I can probably buy for myself how do they benefit me?

You send me “gifts” so I can help you grow your business and make you money.
Question : How do I make money then? How do I pay my bills? When I’m sick how do I take care of myself?

When I do come to you asking for money, or you hear I’m broke you’ll be the first to mock me; because you expect me to live up to a standard you’re UNWILLING to contribute to.
See this is my CAREER! This is how I survive, this is how I take care of my family.
If I’m not asking you as a banker to put money in my account for free, why do you want me to work for free???!!!!!

Me I like MONEY papa! So nope, I’m not about that “living for the gram” life. I won’t promote you for fun; it’s always business cuz that education has got to be put to some use somehow.

If you’re my friend and I help you out, understand that I’m doing it genuinely to help grow your business but I’m not going to be doing it forever cuz I need to grow my own business.

Everyone wants to take advantage of our “popularity”, but don’t think we’re worth being paid for it; but my dear those insults have to be worth it somehow waii”

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