Leila Djansi’s take on Ghanaian female “celebrities” and nudity


Leila Djansi

To my Ghana family!
I have decided I’ll never make any comments on Ghana film industry again, but please, permit me to say this:

Yesterday, I saw some nude photos of a Ghanaian actress I’d seen in a film with John Dumelo. I was very interested in her cos she seemed to understand what she was doing on screen.
I’m not against nude photos but these looked very tacky and I immediately started asking around about the girl. I was convinced she was having a mental breakdown.
After speaking to a number of people, it was confirmed that she was. I wanted to ask for her number to see what if maybe I encourage her, but I was told things were bad.
This morning, I was sent an article on that BP increasing website Ghana Celebrities where the owner went on about how he was carving the actress to become popular. Forcing her down the throat of readers. Strategized articles. Posting that she bought a Hummer when it was actually loaned to her her boyfriend who took it back! To what end? Why? Now she’s insane. The blogger is not. He’s moving on with his life. Such is life!
If you’re forced down a throat, you’ll be regurgitated!

Don’t believe what you see on social media! It’s not real! It’s staged!

Listen to me, young men and women wanting to become actors.
1. You don’t become a teacher to become a star or to become famous! You become a teacher to be a vessel. That’s acting. You’re a vessel. A tool. You’re just a medium, a canvas for a picture much larger than YOU!
2. No website, no blogger, listen to me!!! No website, no blogger! Can make you a star!!! The race is not for the swift, winning is by grace, by favor. It is Gods favor that blesses you and adds no sorrow to it! You become a star by playing characters that people relate to. Characters that move people, audiences. That’s it. No blogger, no Instagram photos. Take it from me! Look at Ama K Abebrese. Was it Instagram? Jackie Appiah, Majid, Adjetey Annang, Lil Win. Genevieve Nnaji was a star before social media! Before internet! Maame Dokuno, they were loved way before social media based on their talent! It’s playing characters that people are drawn to! Stop making up your face and taking pictures for social media!! That’s not talent. That’s  torture. That’s killing yourself when you don’t get the number of likes you want! When you don’t trend! Stop faking the life you live, what happens when it’s gone? If you need pictures and make-up and likes and red carpet pictures to validate you, seek help! Reach out to a counselor.
If you want me to sit on the floor and cry, and beg you, I will!
When I direct Ghanaians and  Nigerian actors, my heart bleeds! I cry! The insecurities, the desire to please bloggers and fickle human beings on social media! Social Media!
All is vanity. All is vanity! Big screen is fleeting. You’re up today, tomorrow you’re down. That’s the nature of the business! It’s not where your peace or happiness lays. Seek God! Find a hobby! Love your family, adopt a child. Big screen is fleeting. The mirror can always fall and break, find somewhere else to see yourself!
Suzzy Williams was my friend! A rising star!
Life in the fast lane. “I want fame! I’m beautiful” and that young vibrant girl died before her time!

Stop competing with each other!
Stop trying to outdo each other!
Love! Love! Love each other! Look out for each other!
Be happy for each other!
Stop expecting rewards.
Open your heart to selflessness.
You wonder why I said I won’t submit or promote Ghana awards anymore? Because that has become the priority. Red Carpet competition. Gown. Gown. Make-up. Selfie. Glam photos.
Vanity. Emptiness. Hallowness.
Ask God to fill you up with more and you’ll realize all those things will no longer matter!
If you’re not a Christian, find something viable to fill yourself up with. Not drugs, not vile lifestyles. Try LOVE.
Charm is deceitful! Beauty is vain!
Acting is a profession! Not a means to fame.


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