Ghanaians are hypocrites – David Mawuli

David Mawuli

In Ghana, news about the lifestyle of some foreign celebrities and their families is very big and followed by many.

However, news about Ghanaian celebrities and their families are always met with contempt as individual bloggers and news men who carry such stories are labelled with several names.
Well, vociferous blogger, David Mawuli is very worried about the trend in Ghana and has complained vehemently about the hypocritical nature of Ghanaians.
In a post on Facebook, the blogger said “I don’t know how some Ghanaians understand “celebrity news” tho.When Beyonce got pregnant to Ivy, it was a big news. When she got pregnant to Sir and Rumi, we gloried it and the photo of her pregnancy announcement had the highest engagement on Instagram with 11million likes. Every bit of her pregnancy was reported. Even when she had a premature (sorry) birth, it was heavily covered by many media outfits across the globe. Ghanaian media houses too reported.
The same treatment is given to other celebrities and their partners. But when our very own Dr Ansong got pregnant, the same hypocritical Ghanaians claim it’s not news and that we talk too much.
It’s okay!”
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