Fans of Moesha clash over new racy photo


Moesha Bodoung does not cease to amaze as she will do just anything to win the attention of the world.

In her latest photo posted on her super active Instagram page, the actress wore only a bra without a pant and the photo has generated a lot of controversy among her fans; some of who like her photo and others who think she has gone too far.

beabae_walkerWhy would you even bring God to this,just be serious for once you are a disgrace to womanhood there are lot of women gaining more likes and attention in good ways not like you … am unfollowing you before you even block me shame on you, all i want to tell you is never to mention God in any of what ever you are seeking for 

  • akua_kwartemaa1@moeshaboduong stop preaching false gospel. Yes, God wants our attention through worship etc. but where in the Bible does it say God drew his attention to your semi-nude pictures?
  • pavin5050It means we shouldn’t worship any other God apart from him. Because he created us so we hv to gv him all the attention. Not this kind of attention he was talking about.
  • pavin5050Why are playing your self with God’s word huh? Where in the bible does it says what you talking about?? If you want go naked dp your we will watch stop covering ur shit with God’s word😡
  • dan_no_liStop disgracing urself God is nt fighting for our attention. There’s a way that seems right Bt the end is distraction. If u want the chance to naked all ur body nt through God’s word. We de3 we no see u self we go watch am freeeeeee.
These ones supports her 100%
neeru_abubakarWhen you are blessed with weapons of mass attraction what attention would you seek again? You are attention and attention is you whether they like it or not!
  • akosua_adepaYou are beautifully and wonderfully made. Just be you and mind no one.. Macho love for u dear
  • wusupoku@cashier.awest Everything is timothy this, Matthew that. Why don’t you bigots alllow people to enjoy their lives. Africans have been misled with these john, Matthew, moses, revelations for so long. It is time to write our own bible.
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