Sulley Muntari exposes “liar”- Saani Daara

Sulley Muntari

Sulley Muntari says Saani Daara is a liar who has lost his mind.

This comment became necessary after Saani Daara sent a message during a radio interview debunking claims that the GFA did not call him (Sulley) when he racially abused during a league game in Italy.

Sulley Muntari said : ” “No, don’t show me your hand, no no.. [telling his wife Menaye not to calm him down] What did he want. Who called, Alex Asante called me? He said he called me? This guy, you know what happened, I was at home and then Tony Baffoe wanted to talk to me and so he called me and couldn’t get me so he asked Alex to call me.

“Alex called but I didn’t know it was Tony that asked Alex to call me, but I’m really cool with Alex, he is a really good guy and since I started playing the national team, he has been good to everyone in the national team.
“In the GFA he works really hard, I always talk to him. I saw his missed call so I called back and he said Tony was there and wanted to talk to me. After that, Alex said President is here and he wants me to speak to President. Is that a phone call?
“He shouldn’t call you and say the GFA called me. Sani, keep quiet, what are you saying, have you lost your mind?”
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