Sarkodie should apologise for insulting Krobos – Chris Handler

Chris Handler

Blogger and social media influencer, Chris Handler has asked Sarkodie to apologise for demeaning people of Krobo descent and describing them as “ashawo”.

According to him, Sarkodie is matured and should know things that are sensitive and a no go area when it comes to his choice of lyric for his music because music sells a message.
Social media is buzzing with several people chiding Sarkodie for using a line that demeans the people of Krobo.
Chris Handler “It’s sad that people have this stereotype about Krobo women that they are ‘promiscuous'( adwaman) because a certain fetish priest cursed them. Sarkodie is matured and should know certain things are very ‘sensitive’ to be used in a song. As a creative person, you should know there are boundaries to your act. Yes! There are limits to everything. Perhaps he didn’t mean it literally but music carries a message and most people would use that to ‘validate’ what they’ve been told and what was portrayed in that Kumawood movie. Personally, it doesn’t hurt me because I see myself as a ‘universal being’ in that I don’t judge people based on anything. I don’t care what they’ve said about your tribe, family, race, etc. I am much more concerned about the ‘persona’. I would advise Sark to apologise and that, that line should be edited but it’s already out, nothing can be done about it.–In the future, other musicians should not repeat such mistakes.Growing up as a Christian, in some church meetings, I was told lots of ‘negative’ stories about Moslems and other religions but it does not mean because I have heard these ‘negative’ stories about other religions so I should make posts and make mockery of them. I love humanity so whether I believe in something or not, if it’s ‘sensitive’ I would just keep those thoughts to myself. If we can all do that, we would have a peaceful world. I can’t force anyone to believe or not to believe in the story of the Krobo women and the fetish priest but just make sure, that you don’t pass comments that would hurt another.It’s not everything that we say, either than that, we would all become sworn enemies. Keep some thoughts to yourself.”
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