Odumja launches scathing attacks on ‘selfish’ popular artistes in Ghana


Odumja has said the bane of the Ghana Music Industry is the fact that most Popular
artistes do not want to support the upcoming ones to help them make an impact
in the music industry.

According to
him, the Ghana Music Industry has rich talents but because most of the A class
artistes who have had the platform always want to be worshipped rather than
using the opportunity they have to help upcoming artistes.
“Backstage in
Ghana is so disheartening. When you are an upcoming artiste at backstage in
Ghana you are been segregated. The popular artistes are given a different place
to be whiles the upcoming artistes are left somewhere. Even talking to the
popular artiste is a problem. They will make you feel like you are not even
human, they look down on you like you are nobody,” a worried Odumja said.
He indicated
that in the UK “when you are at the backstage, all artistes are there. The big
boys will even walk up to you and ask about how you are doing and encourage you
before you go on the stage. They will come back to you and give their opinion
on performance and try their best to stay in touch with you”.
He noted
that some popular artistes in Ghana are not considerate with their charges for collaboration
with an upcoming artiste; something he thinks must be looked at to afford young
musicians to work with their mentors easily.
“In the UK, when you want to feature an artiste and you contact his management, they will ask you to bring the song and the beat for them to listen before they talk about money. Here in Ghana when i contacted a popular artiste for a collaboration, what his manager first asked for was money without even asking about the kind of song and beat i was talking about and this is bad for our young industry here.”
Odumja has
released a single which he featured Zeal of VVIP.

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