Lawlessness An Imbeded Ghanian Attitude?

The  constitution of Ghana is the Supreme law of the country, No other laws comes before it be it religious or morally. The Ghana Police Service is responsible for making sure these laws are adhered to.what then becomes of a nation whose nationals can no longer place trust in the police service? When the only thing  synonymous to the word “police” is bribery and corruption, let me tell you there’s utter chaos as it is in Ghana at the moment.
A soldier lashed a “tro-tro” driver and his conductor (mate) for stopping at a wrong place. The military personnel took the laws into his own hands and did as he pleased, disregarding the law. If that military personnel is yet to be sanctioned then is yet to find out.
In our various communities, alleged thieves are being lynched on a daily basis, some are lucky enough to be sent to the police station whilst other’s loose their lives on the spot. My question here is do the Police see all the sores and bruises on the alleged criminals and what do they do about it? Nada. Just yesterday a 55 years old man was killed in Gomoa Feteh kakraba for allegedly stealing 1.50pesewas. Who’s seeking Justice for this 55 years old man since the predators of this crime have all fled? No one actually cares cause he isn’t an army captain, he is just “an old kleptomaniac” it would seem
Where from the double standards within our midst? We criticise the general public for lynching captain maxwell, yet we see nothing wrong with the brutalized suspects by the police. In our cause to seek Justice for Captain Mahama let’s all adhere to the laws of the land..  these suspects have already been condemned prior to trial and i know Ghanaians would seek the head of the judge should the verdict turn out different from the public’s view (crucify him, crucify him)
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