Krobo Youth groups threatening Sarkodie just want a selfie moment with him


A Facebook user, Genesis A Cudjoe has described the calls on Sarkodie to apologise to Krobos as a fuss and much ado about nothing.

According to him all the groups calling on and threatening to deal with the artiste for ‘insulting’ them will end up meeting the rapper and will not be able to author a word but rather will beg the super star for selfie with him.
Sarkodie has come under fire for describing Krobos as ‘adwaman’ meaning promiscuous people in a latest song ‘Jernifer Lomotey’ which he is featured on. several individuals have called on the rapper to apologise to the people he has denigrated.
Today, a youth group representing the krobos also released a statement threatening to deal with the rapper and his team drastically.
Against this backdrop, Genesis in a post on Facebook said:”There nor a Krobo group called ‘Kloma Hengme’ has started threatening Sarkodie. Smh And the bloggers and media critics fueling this hullabaloo and negativity thinking that will push Sarkodie to apologize should stop. The truth is, the more you talk about it, the more people will continue to download that song just to hear what he really said, then that ‘forbidden statement’ will transcend. Sarkodie will not apologize today nor tommorow. There’s a naked transformer at Mallam junction, the critics can go and give it a big hug At the end the group will meet Sarkodie and can’t say a word but be taking pictures with him. The funny part is Sarkodie won’t smile but they’ll smile in the pictures.
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