Kofi Asamoah’s shame should be an end to the informal ways of doing things in Ghana’s entertainment industry


Chris Handler

Ghanaian blogger, Chris Handler has said it is sad that Ghana’s movie industry will be subjected to such an international disgrace by Kofi Asamoah who seem to have been doing something right for the industry.

According to him, the shame brought on the Movie industry should bring to an end the informal ways of doing things in the Ghanaian entertainment industry and should be a wake up call for Ghanaian entertainers to make things formal when they need things done for them. 

Yesterday, Tim Greene, producer of SKEEM, the South African movie which ‘John and John’ was adapted from expressed his amazement at the way the Ghanaian movie producer pick everything in his movie word for word.

The post by the movie director left several Ghanaians who had earlier complained about the movie and the fact that it was plagiarized talking.

But in a post on Facebook, Chris Handler said “I admire Kofi Asamoah a lot. He’s a great guy and it’s sad
that this whole copyright infringement thing could worry him in a way. I would want to believe his story that he asked for
permission from Tim Greene but from experience, such things we don’t ask them

He further said it was important that everything in this world is done formally in order to avoid any failure and disgrace in future like has happened “The person could deny your claim and put you in an awkward
situation, so what would truly vindicate you is your evidence.
Perhaps, if he had written formally and had had a formal
reply.Moral of the story never rely on oral communication for
stuff like this even if the person is your mom, get things discussed on paper
and signed by both parties”.

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