Hurray! Social Media Week comes to Accra for the first time in September 2017

Social Media Week

What Social Media Week Is About

Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.
Human connectivity is being re-imagined and SMW seeks to understand how humanity and technology will come together to change the ways we live, work and create. SMW hosts conferences on six continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.
With over 70,000 physical attendees joining us every year, 5,000 speakers and more than 1 million people connecting through social and mobile, we believe that SMW is the world’s most important source of information in regards to the future of human connectivity.

Accra Is Connected

The Social Media Week train stops in Accra this year for the first time in September. As a cosmopolitan city, home to thousands of Ghanaians and other Africans, the city is fast growing into a media and business hotspot on the continent.
As more and more brands pitch camps and find ways to live their unique Ghanaian stories, Social Media Week, the Accra edition will introduce brands to industry players and influencers on how to leverage their power and clout, students to learn as well as create opportunities while empowering the next generation of innovators, creative thinkers and content providers.
Day in and day out as Ghanaians find innovative ways (selling waakye online) to making lives simple and creatively solve problems in the system (apps specifically tailored for the Ghanaian market), the connection between who we are and what have become is the beauty technology (telling the 27 million stories of Ghana through Instagram).  The event will provide a platform where all these different uses of social media present as well as understanding the thinking of content creators and where the world is moving towards.

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