Did the thief Chris Vincent Steal the money he used to pay his wife’s bride price? – OB Amponsah questions

OB Amponsah

Well, Stonebwoy’s wedding has brought about several controversies in the country. From fights between members of Shatta Movement and the Bhim Nation to comparing his wife to Shatta Wale’s baby mama.

The latest twist is between OB Amponsah the comedian and doctor and blogger Chris Vincent.

Chris Vincent after breaking the story about Stonebwoy’s marriage, wanted everything about the wedding to be from his blog.

Well, in doing so, the Lawyer “stole” pictures taken by counts visuals from the bridal of the Dancehall artiste’s wife and branded them like they were his.

Owner of the photos upon seeing this became very furious and shared a long writeup about the theft of his property.

Well, OB Amponsah was insulted by Chris Vincent after his post on DJ switch which kept him off social media for sometime and this time, the Doctor has paid Chris Vincent back with his own coin.

OB in a long writeup could not fathom why a supposed lawyer will steal photos when he did not take them himself.

He questioned if the blogger have been stealing everything in his life including money to pay the bride price of his wife.

Read what OB Amponsah wrote here

Pathetic Vietnamese blogger steals pictures and brands them as his own work.

One, Chris – Vincent Agyapong a struggling Vietnamese blogger/blocker stole pictures from Counts visuals and deliberately denied them their due credence.

I mean for a lawyer, with two supposed degrees, that is some stupid shit to do. Two degrees my ass. Even a thermometer has 100 degrees and doesn’t steal people’s shine.

You know, it’s one thing not to believe in God, but to steal, is morally degrading even for an Atheist. Darwin and the likes he associates with should be squirming in their graves. Hell, I’m sure they even denied his lacerny egoistic ass when Nkrumah asked if they knew him.

This act raises a lot of questions. How did he pay for the bride price of his recently wedded wife? How did he sponsor the wedding? Did he steal the money from somewhere? Did he rob a bank? Is he a veiled fraud boy?

So many questions are left unanswered. As to how he was even able to pay his fees. Does he have cronies who steal with him? Does he pay his taxes? Is he a cocaine smuggler?

We are all bewildered, because this same confused Atheist bears the name of Christ and had his wedding blessed by a Christian ordained pastor. So we are wondering how he is going to plead in court when he is finally sued, insanity? Dementia?

What about his stupid blog? Does he just post things there to incite people to read sensational stuff, while he wanks off to the insults and gullibility of Ghanaians? Apart from pilfering, I believe that is the only way a misogynist (lemme borrow Goldheart’s words) like him achieves an orgasm?

And he had the stupid guts to make a slideshow of the stolen pictures, post on YouTube for views and adsense money. Such ratty impudence. I mean the Bible teaches us to feed the poor, not Gbemis like this individual.

Dude doesn’t need to apologize… The people of Ghana know him as a thief, a robber, a sadist, a bully, a white ass wiping piece of shit, a national shame, and a chronic maniac who has no place among civilised Ghanaians. He can transmogrify into a vulture since all he is best at is stealing and scavenging.

What pains me most is why Denkyira Boase people would lynch the wrong innocent person when a real polymathic thief is alive and sharing oxygen with mankind.

Counts Visuals should sue this cockroach for his stupidity, thievery, and overwhelming vapid narcissistic self. Ghana would be better off with idiots like this behind bars.

Sia like that! 🙅 🙅 🙅

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