A Plus is intolerant but let’s stop reporting and insulting him – Kelly Nii Lartey

Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah

Social Media Influencer, Kelly Ni lartey Mensah has called on Ghanaians to love each other.

His call comes on the back of the ban placed on Kame A plus’ Facebook account. According to him although A Plus’ is not a tolerant person, his influence over the years is through hard work and needs to be commended since it’s not easy to make followers for yourself on Facebook.
He indicated that with the ban, the NPP sympathiaer may lose the Brand name ‘A Plus’ which will not augur well for him and his business he runs with Facebook.
He posted:” A Plus is not my friend but the brother is doing awesome with Facebook and I admire that. He is intolerant and he showed it to me sometime ago on Kleff Maxwell Justice show… But I wish the insults and reporting of the brother will stop. Seriously, if you report his account, he might lose the brand name ‘APlus’ cos facebook will request for correct identification for the name he want to use. Not good man. Its not easy to build such reach and influence on social media in Africa. Chale lets love each other as Ghanaians small erhh… Love love love… that’s all we need.”
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