A generation that celebrates mediocrity but buries success – Blogger expresses worry for Ghana


Nash Iddi

The National Science and Maths Quiz just ended and like
expected the buzz on social media and traditional media is just around the
wining team.

However, there are some schools and personalities whose
outstanding performance was acknowledged at the end of the competition. Like
expected, these feats have been swept under the carpet and the focus has been
on hailing the winning team and trolling the losing teams.
Well, Tamale based blogger and entertainment enthusiast,
Nash Iddi is worried that the current generation always celebrates mediocrity
but turns a blind eye on things that are worth mentioning.
In a post on Facebook, he indicated that one of the
contestants for Tamale Senior High School, Zuweira Mohammed was announced the
most outstanding female contestant of the 2017 competition but the media and
social media has kept quiet about it but they will have been loud if it were a
leaked tape or a ‘celebrity’ had jabbed someone on social media.
He posted “Her name is Zuweira Mohammed. She was one of
the contestants who represented Tamale Snr High School for the 2017 NSMQ. Her
school (Tamasco) couldn’t make it to the finals but she was adjudged the Best
Female Contestant in the competition. Sadly for our generation, Zuweira will
not trend on social media like Rashida Malafaka or Area Boss Chick. Congrats Zuweira,
keep the good work up. Please forgive our generation.


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