You married the ugliest woman on earth and you have the effrontery to insult other women? – Facebook user questions Chris Vincent

Maria RiRi Frelich

A Facebook user by name, Maria RiRi Freolich has  descended on Celebrity blogger, Chris Vincent describing him as a “retarded blogger who attacks others but hate to be attacked”.

According to her who seemed to be angered by the blogger’s intolerance and disregard for women, Chris Vincent insulted a lady who had a divergent opinion about an issue being discussed on his wall.
She indicated that although Chris attacks other people, he will block any individual who tries to troll or share a differing opinion about issues and rain insults on the said individual, describing the act as cowardice and challenged him to rather engage people who disagree with him in cyber wars if he has balls.

She noted that although Chris Vincent always attacks women and calling them names, he married a ” monkey” looking woman who passes as the ugliest woman she has ever come across.

She posted”Kelly, why is Chris Vincent like that? That retarded blogger who attacks people but hate when he’s been attack, he will block u then starts insulting u! He’s an illiterate! He really insulted a girl who didn’t agree with him and when u say something, he will block u and starts dissing u! If he’s soo brave why won’t he engage u in a cyber war but acts like a coward. His ugly wife who looks like a donkey with her long breasts like a pair of socks with sand in them, is she better than anybody here?? Are we not the ones the feed him and paid for that rubbish wedding he had? Even afia shcwar that’s he’s been insulting is 10000times prettier than that horse he married, yet he has the effrontery to insult another woman! A fool he is. If u can pls send him this message so we can get it on like adults instead of acting like a shaved rat!!! Thank u”.

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