PoetKelsParlour: A poem for late Captain Maxwell Mahama

I stood and I watched as a mother cried,
when she had heard that her son had died.
He didn’t die because he was sick,
He died doing what he felt was right.

I watched a father try to hold back his tears,
His son had lived only a scant years.
His son had died miles away,
And what was there left for a father to say?

I stood and watched as the nation mourn for a lost son.
Called to serve his country, land of freedom home of brave,
risking his existence for the lives that he may save.

A soldiers farewell.. Heaven’s gain.
Hearts broken ,Words unspoken
Great rejoicing in heaven But the hearts of mortals are  heavy .
A hurricane of memories The pain in our hearts… …oh the pain!.
The death of an innocent soldier, a catastrophic story that troubled the heart.

 “It is well”…do not sorrow For we will see him in the morrow.Take heart ,Wash away the pain With thoughts of the gain. Weep not again ,Because a soldier never dies .
A soldier always lives Because He lives.



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