” Oluu, please shed incense on the infant corn before you go on pension” – Kwame Dadzie to Willi Roi

Kwame Dadzie

So Willi Roi this morning said Shatta Wale is making more money and should not be bothered by any snub by BET.

His comment did not sit down well with some industry players who think he knows better and should rather advise the artiste to do more and also gain respect and recognition.

In a post on Facebook, showbiz critic, Kwame Dadzie penned a letter to him express his frustration at the old man’s comment.

He posted

Dear ‘Opanin’ Willi Roi,

You know I admire you so much. In fact, the day I got to know of your big achievements in the music industry, my admiration for you tripled.

I don’t know how old you are but I believe you are old enough to be nearing your ‘retirement.’

Uncle, Inventor, Pioneer, Freedom Fighter, I fear the way you want to wrap up your contributions to the Ghanaian music industry before you go on pension could mar all the good work you have done in the past.

Papa, please don’t fester wounds. Your recent ‘contributions’ to the arts industry have been wishy-washy, smack of bitterness, mischief and pessimism. Sadly, you hardly give any concrete solutions to our problems.

Shatta Wale needs people like you to make him a better artiste but I am not sure the advice you proffer to him will make him what you want him to be.

Would you have asked Shatta to decline his nomination if he had been nominated in the ‘back stage’ BET Awards?

Oluu, please shed incense on the infant corn before you go on pension.

Thank you.

It’s me,

‘Abofraba’ Kwame Dadzie.

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