Mzbel mocks Prez. Akufo-Addo over ‘dumsor’ but a fan gives her an epic reply


So two days ago, Ghana was plunged into darkness and the whole country got talking.

People from the other half of the political divide complained bitterly as if things were ok under their tenure and made several posts on Facebook to suggest that the current government is sleeping.

One known celebrity who supports the National Democratic Congress took to Facebook to complain about what she called “Kukrudumsor” and why the current government needs to sit up.

She posted”We all complained about Dumsor so why is it now a big deal to complain about Kukrudumsor? Abeg abi citizen not spectator! Everything is not about politics!!! Smh”.

But a fan who was not pleased with Mzbel’s post replied saying “you have the right to complain as a citizen but also, you don’t expect a man that just got married to a woman for just four months and impregnate her straightaway knowing that she had womb damage via abortion she did with her former boyfriend for the past 8 years, this should tell you it will take time”.

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