M.anifest should consider changing his director Garth Von Glehn

M.anifest and Garth Von Glehn
M.anifest and Garth Von Glehn

Garth Von Glehn is a great director but I think it’s time M.anifest try other Ghanaian directors.

I am not saying Garth Von Glehn isn’t a Ghanaian so he can’t shoot M.anifest’s videos. In fact, he is one of my favourite directors due to his numerous great works for M.anifest but I think he is running out of concepts or probably isn’t getting the Ghanaian side of M.ani’s masterpieces.

I think M.anifest’s latest video for #HandDeyGoHandDeyCome could’ve been shot better by great talents like Gyo Gyimah of Phamous Philm or David Nicol-Sey or Pacal Aka.

The video concept is too plain and hardly syncs with the song. The location and picture quality are on point but I thought the concept wasn’t artfully exploited. The song’s content is huge and I expected many scenes but surprisingly, I saw only three scenes.

Garth Von Glehn did the same to “B.E.A.R”. The track is a damn huge record and I expect Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE” type of video but that wasn’t it.

I think it’s time M.anifest finds another director to move with. He can maintain Garth Von Glehn for other works but not his typical Ghanaian tracks.

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