M.anifest should add a thing or two to his energy on stage – Osarfor Anthony

Osarfo Anthony

Blogger and entertainment critic, Osarfo Anthony thinks M.anifest should add on to his energy on stage if he intends to wow Ghanaians at events.

Patrons of the Ghana meets Niger show have criticised the rapper for not putting up his best on the night.

For many, they think M.anifest has grown over the years and it is imperative that he improves his craft on stage.

In a post on Facebook Osarfo Anthony indicated that since M.anifest has decided to perform at events and not only on shows where people can relate to his music, he needs to do more than he is doing currently.

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Sometimes it’s best to listen to the audience/fans as a talent and not what INDUSTRY EXPERTS say.

A typical example is Shatta Wale. If this talent had listened to industry players, he would have been stuck by now – cos some of us (yes I’m among those) gave him all the reasons why he can’t be on top, today, he has proven ME wrong – kind courtesy, his fans.

To my issue, rapper M.anifest gave his dead-level best performance at GhanaMeetsNaija but majority of the crowd, did not cheer to it or him. Even when video evidence is all over social media, some are busy saying otherwise.

The ho-hum defence then shifts to: M.anifest does good/conscious music which does not appeal to the masses. His style of music does not permit jumping and shouting about on stage.

So why did he accept to perform on GhanaMeetsNaija – a musical concert we all know its audience are largely hyper-active, bubbly or frothy towards artistes? Let’s be sincere to a brother!

M.anifest knows his style of music and so knows his audience – he should choose them! And if he has to be on same/similar platform with audience as GhanaMeetsNaija, then he may add a thing or two to meet their energy. If he insists on always giving who and what he is, then the safest bet is to decline shows like GhanaMeetsNaija.

I like Manifest and his music – but I don’t like his stage performance. He does good music to ME – – I don’t know about you and I won’t disrespect you if you think otherwise.

The spiting part is where we those who claim to love ‘GOOD/CONSCIOUS’ music lay our points as though those who love ‘POPULAR SONGS’ are fluffy! Who defines good music in this world? Once again, it’s ME or YOU! Whatever art form that appeals to you or you appreciate, is good to you!

In case you were not at the event or could not watch GhanaMeetsNaija online, I may post the video for you to see and judge too. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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