Laughline goes global


Laughline has managed to become one of the go-to monthly comedy shows in the country now. The show has managed to harness a very good reputation from those who have attended the show before; people have come to love Laughline.

Organizers of the show would like the General public to know that the venue for the comedy show is moving from Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall to Global Cinemas, weija Old barrier for next months show.
The change of venue, according to the Organizers of the show is that they (Organizers) feel the brand (Laughline) needs to move to the next level, and moving the show to where there is none or less comedy shows would help champion the cause of making Gh comedy acceptable.
“We decided to hold the next edition at Global Cinemas due to popular request. As loyal as we are to our audience we decided to take up that challenge. People are to expect something big because laughline is going global.” Daniel Attoh CEO of Kasa Entertainment said.
The next edition of laughline happens on the 3 of June 2017 at the Global Cinemas, Weija. The rate still remains the same 20cedis regular and 30cedis for limited VIP tickets.
Laughline is a Kasa Entertainment Initiative. Media Partners include, EventGuide which is the official Magazine for Laughline, Okrakyi Trends official clothing line. GY TV, Vibes in 5, Trutalk, 4SR, LetMeHypeYouGH, Sunset Multimedia, Swag OfAfrica, Creative Concept Multimedia, 360Avenue, Wildout Crew, Purlieu, ADSdigital, Streetzhub, Comedy Empire, Desiderata Entertainment
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