Kwame A Plus proposes the teaching of kissing and hugging to end mob action

A Plus

of New Patriotic Party, Kwame A Plus has called on leaders in the country to
make kissing and hugging compulsory in the country.

According to
him, teaching people how to kiss and hug will prevent the tendency of people
smashing another human being’s head with stones and sticks.
His call
comes on the back of the lynching of Army Captain Maxwell Mahama who ws
mistaken for an armed robber in Denkyiraboase in the Central region on Monday.

Kwame A Plus
in a post on Facebook said: “Government must make hugging and kissing of kids
compulsory in every household in Ghana. At least three times daily. If you were
hugged and kissed enough by you parents, it’s highly unlikely to smash another
person’s head with a stone and as if that is not enough decide to burn him. You
were not hugged enough in your childhood days Denkyira whatever people. You
were not!!!!”
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