Kwame Dadzie slams Willi Roi

Kwame Dadzie

Showbiz critic, Kwame Dadzie seem not to leave Willi Roi to enjoy his age as he has been on his case since the start of the week.

Kwame in an earlier latter to him shamed him for describing the BET awards as a back stage award adding that Shatta Wale is into making some good money and does  not care about awards.
Kwame seem to be infuriated again and this time, on why people say Stonebwoy should not compete with Shatta Wale. 
To him, competition is important for the development of every business and since entertainment is business people should stop throwing dust into the eyes of people because competition is need for the groth of the industry.
He posted “You say that you dislike it when Stonebwoy tries to compete Shatta Wale. Ah!
Like seriously? Which artiste in this world is beyond competition?
Which astute showbizer will make this statement? Oh so today, there are some artistes that are barred from competing others?
How will we progress if we don’t encourage competition? Competition is an engine for development in every business environment. Did you not learn this in your 40 years career? 😉
When Stonebwoy is flying above champions, you are here acting like a WAEC officer, grading artistes with your 40 years ‘experience’ in inventing musical notes that don’t exist.
Sadly, we are so gullible so people really believe you have invented a note.
Where the note dey? Enough of the age bullying.
I like the way you sing though. lol”
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